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We are  cat crazy hobby breeders . We discovered the Serengeti by chance in 2003 and fell in love with the temperament and look of these wonderful cats .As the Serengeti are rare here in the UK we decided to help in its development and promotion . We welcome those wanting to join us in our quest to further the SE breed and occassionally have breed quality kittens available . As we cannot keep all the kittens that we breed we will offer kittens at very reasonable pet prices on the understanding that they are altered prior to reaching maturity . kIttens registered as pets should not be breed from. 

If you want to breed please be upfront and honest at point of contact . We will offer advise and help in any way that we can ensuring that you get the best possible SE with which to start your breed programme.

All monies taken for kittens  that we home will be/ has been  ploughed back into the upkeep/ maintence / promotion and showing of our cats . It does not cover our costs. Our cats are first and foremost part of our family !!!





SSerengeti kittens due in May 2014 please email  toexpress n intetesr reservations aken NOW  

                                                                                                  SERENGETI the DOMESTIC shorthaired cat designed and developed to RESEMBLE the wild cats of the African plains. NO WILD CATS HAVE BEEN USED IN  THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SERENGETI !!!!

MEET THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL SERENGETI our stud male Nemo was  FEATURED IN ' YOUR CAT MAGAZINE' 15TH FEBUARY 2009 and in August issue 2011.


Karen Sausman from Kingsmark Cattery in California USA had an idea.  She wanted to breed a wild looking cat that looked, in part, like the Serval but that has no direct wild blood in its development. Her plans were presented to The International Cat Assoociation and in 1994 she became the founder of a new cat breed the 'Serengeti' . 

The first 'Serengeti' cat originated by crossing a Bengal to an Oriental shorthair. Years of hard work building body type and markings  has lead to these beautiful cats being breed , recognised and registered as pedigree cats by The International Cat Association ( TICA ) in Europe and The United Sates of America. With it popularity ever growing the Serengeti has been shown succesfully in the Preliminary New Breed section at TICA shows across the globe .

In essence the Serengeti is  a domestic cat breed that resembles the wild cats of the Serengeti plains but without the wild blood input.  

Serengetis  come in brown  / black-brown spot/ silver spot and black with shadow spots. They can also come in mink spot / snow spot/ blue spot and rd spot these are all nonstandard colors but are no less Serengeti than any of the other standard colors..however the nonstandard colors cannot be shown in TICA shows.

The Serengeti is NOT an exotic cat, wild cat / domestic hybrid cross there is NO wild blood in them.



Size males are larger than females and can weigh anything from 10 pounds to 15 pounds , females from 8 to 10 pounds.
Temperament. The Serengeti is open , self assured and people friendly . They are active and can be vocal but not as much as their Oriental l ancestors. They love to climb and will play for hours.
An intelligent cat with bags of character. If introduced properly they should get along with other pets.
Serengetis are currently recognised as a Preliminary New Breed with TICA they may be shown in the Preliminary New Breed class at TICA shows, but are not yet eligible for Championship status. The next step for the Serengeti as a breed will be to achieve Advanced New Breed Status ( short term goal for 2007) and then long term goal Championship Status. Each advancement of the breed requiries a certain number of breeders to be working with the breed , a certain number of litters to be registered each year and a certain number of unique cats to be shown each year.
When working with a  new breed you need to select breeding cats carefully for specifific traits . It takes patience, dedication  and generations to set "breed type" . There are only a few Serengeti breeders in the UK that are working towards breed standard and are registering their cats with The International Cat Assocaition. Up until 2006 when the Serengeti and Rare breed club was fromed SE breeders in the UK were working in isolation . From a very small beginning here in the SouthWest we are branching out and spreading across the UK. A decade behind America in the Serengeti breed programme interest in this rare new breed is rapidly growing





Its an exciting time.
We are now one of a small group of Breeders currently BASED in  Devon, Nottingham, Colchester  and in Bristol  ACTIVELY INVOLVED in breeding pure pedigree Serengetis AND Savannahs in  the UK.
Our aim to produce the prefect .. happy , healthy and handsome Serengeti.

home page photo is of Tiago whose new Mummy is Claire Patterson in Hemel Hemptstead. This photo was taken By Claire . WE would like to thank her for allowing us to use it on site. Claires website is


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